Canada goose[edit]

(Branta canadensis)

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Branta canadensis (Canada goose) in Airways Park in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Photo 1)

My short words[edit]

Airways Park ground - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Photo 2)

I noticed a couple of geese. They were walking on the ground.

I also walked with them. I was happy they were so friendly ;)

The Canada geese were walking on the ground. (Photo 3)
The Canada goose back (Photo 4)

"See you! Have a great day!"

The Canada geese were flying (Photo 5)


Common name: Canada goose (Plural: Canada geese)
Scientific name: Branta canadensis
Family name: Anatidae
Date taken: Photo 1,2,3,4,5: May 17, 2019
Place: Photo 1,2,3,4,5: Airways Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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