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If you love flowers, trees, plants, animals and nature, they may give you some happiness.

If you feel some preciousness from the places, objects, etc., then you may have connections with them.

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  • North Saskatchewan River

    White-tailed jackrabbit (Updated)


    Ohio Spiderwort

    Tufted vetch

    Oxeye daisy

    Maltese cross


    Ground elder

    Flower spider

    Pink sweet william

    Pacific ninebark

    Wild rose

    Pink Chinese peony

    White Chinese peony




    Crab apples

    Persian onion


    Camberwell beauty

    House sparrow

    House finch


    Bleeding heart

    Leopard's Bane flower

    Iceland poppy


    Mayday tree

    Canada goose

    Canada Place (Edmonton)

    Farmer's Market

    Common garter snakes

    Ptychostomum Moss


    Walterdale Bridge

    163st Magpie

    American red squirrel

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