Candytuft 'Snowflake'[edit]

(Iberis sempervirens cv. 'Snowflake')

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Iberis sempervirens cv. 'Snowflake' (Candytuft 'Snowflake') flowers (Photo 1)


My short words

The tiny white petals were sparkling white by the sunshine.

This name is 'Snowflake'. It reminded me of the winter season in Canada.

They were waiting for the spring under the deep snow.

Now blooming beautifully!

Candytuft 'Snowflake' flowers in the garden (Photo 2)


Common name: Candytuft 'Snowflake'
Scientific name: Iberis sempervirens cv. 'Snowflake'
Family name: Brassicaceae
Date taken: Photo 1: May 28, 2019 09:35
Photo 2: May 28, 2019 12:13
Place: Photo 1,2: (Mamin's rent room's) house owner's garden in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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