Iceland poppy[edit | edit source]

(Papaver nudicaule L.)

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Papaver nudicaule L. (Iceland poppy) flowers (Photo 1)

Iceland poppy - the flower stems (Photo 2)

My short words

"Oh! they want to get the sunshine!"

They were keeping the flowers pointed towards the sun.

The flower petals were brighter by the sunlight.


How to distinguish 'Iceland poppy' from another poppies?

  • Iceland poppies make each long stem (peduncle) per one flower from close to the ground. [5]
  • The leaves are jagged like teeth of a saw. [3]

[edit | edit source]

Photo gallery

Iceland poppy flower buds (Photo 3)
Iceland poppy flowers (Photo 4)
Iceland poppy orange, white, yellow flowers (Photo 5)
Iceland poppy in the flowerbed (Photo 6)

[edit | edit source]

Common name: Iceland poppy
Scientific name: Papaver nudicaule L.
Family name: Papaveraceae
Date taken: Photo 1,2: May 21, 2019
Photo 3: May 09, 2019
Photo 4,5: May 19, 2019
Photo 6: May 22, 2019
Place: Photo 1,2,3,4,5,6: (Mamin's rent room's) house owner's garden in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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