163st Magpie - American magpie on the signpost[edit]

(Pica hudsonia)

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Pica hudsonia (American magpie) on the signpost (Photo 1)

My short words

The magpie on the 163 st in the sunny day.
The magpie was resting for a little while on the 163st signpost.
I couldn't help taking a photo. Why?
The bird and the atmosphere gave me some pleasure :)


Is it an Eurasian magpie (Pica pica) or an American magpie (Pica hudsonia)?
It can be distinguished by the tail which has a little blue or blue-green color. [3]

The tail which has a little blue color. (Photo 2)


The American Magpie drinking the snow water on the street

American magpie drinking the snow water on the street (Photo 3)

Common name: American magpie, Black-billed magpie
Scientific name: Pica hudsonia
Family name: Corvidae
Date taken: Photo 1, 2: March 29, 2019
Photo 3: March 18, 2019
Place: Photo 1, 2: 163 street in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Photo 3: 107 Avenue (close to 163 street) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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