(Pithecellobium confertum Benth.)

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Pithecellobium confertum Benth. (Everfresh) leaf
Pithecellobium confertum Benth. (Everfresh) blossom


This plant is like a silk tree. During night, its leaves are close like this.

The sleeping leaves of everfresh tree and the blossom

And green plants are good for our health. This type of tree is smaller than silk tree so you can grow up it with plant pot.

Both visual access and being within green space helps to restore the mind's ability to focus.

Source:University of Washington
Green Cities: Good Health

 A bud of the everfresh tree

Common name: Everfresh
Japanese name: エバーフレッシュ(ebaafureshu), アカサヤネムノキ(akasaya nemunoki)
Scientific name: Pithecellobium confertum Benth.
Family name: Fabaceae
Date taken: Jun30,2016 - DSC_0101_ms.jpg
Aug14,2016 - Sleeping_leaves_of_Everfresh.jpg, DSC_0101_3ms.jpg
Place: Mamin's home