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Mamin site has three divisions
Mamin Electronics

Computer & Network
Electronic devices
Mamin Photography

Photography, Imaging Graphic design, Printing
Mamin Lab

Research & Data analysis

We will support and provide some solutions for the computers and the networks, even in difficult situations that others can’t treat.

  • Designing/setting up computers and software (FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc.)
  • Designing/building up LAN, Internet/Intranet server, client computers and network printers.
  • Making small programs (C, C++, Assembly, PHP, Java, etc.)
  • Supporting electronic devices and consumer electric supplies.
  • Fixing computers and electronic devices.
  • Instructions on how to use software and devices.

We will discuss your needs and provide as much support even in difficult situations.

  • Photography (Products, Wedding, People, Pets, Nature, Real estates, etc.).
  • Imaging support (Scanning paper documents, digital photo tweak and adjustment).
  • Repairing old photos and broken photos.
  • Graphic design (Brochure, Making logos, webpage support. books)
  • Supporting printing materials.

Mamin Lab’s mission is to research and develop our potential and newer technologies to back-up other two divisions (Mamin Electronics and Mamin Photography).

Mamin laboratory is important for us so that we can continue to improve services and solutions for our customers and friends.

We also have future projects.
(Mamin Lab is usually only for our internal purposes.)

Amazing Things for You

Mamin site was built by our friend’s love. So our purpose is what we can support and provide services for our friend.

We will be with you as our good friends.
“Not only the good business but also good friends.”

Our first priority is to provide satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our service and solutions, we will try to work it out. If that fails, we won’t charge service fees. **

We will support and resolve difficulties, problems and wishes, sometimes in creative ways from Mamin Laboratory’s information and data.

We can support not only individuals, but businesses, and organizations as well.

We are serious about protecting our customer’s  information. Our devices have strong “military spec” encryption.
We will clean up (disinfect) our equipments and tools but also our customers’s devices every time.

** Except if we buy materials or/and parts, etc. for the project, then we may charge for only the purchase costs.

Call to Action

Anyway, let’s talk together. 🙂
Feel free to contact us.

We are in Edmonton, AB, Canada.
(This photo is one of the beautiful landscapes in Edmonton.)

Mamin Photography Gallery
Mamin site (Mamin Lab) Address:     10735 149 St. NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada