Mamin Photography
Let's make your precious images!

Mamin Photography
Let's make your precious images!

Mamin Photography will provide various photography, videography and imaging services. We will discuss your needs and provide as much support in a friendly way!

  • Photography (products, event, conference, weddings, group, baby, people, pets, nature, real estate, etc.), videography
  • Aerial drone video and photography. Aerial videography for research.
  • Imaging support (scanning paper documents, digital photo enhancement and adjustment).
  • Repairing old photos and broken photos.
  • Merging and combining photos.
  • Graphic design (brochures, making logos and labels, website support. booklet, etc.)
  • Printing suppor, Making CD/DVD/Blu-ray medias.

Our various photography, imaging and graphics services

Edmonton downtown buildings and river from sky by drone

Aerial drone video & photo

Product photography

Real estate photography

Real estate photography

Family Photography

Family photography

Baby photography

Group photography (Event photography)

Group and event photography

Portrait photography

Portrait photography

African Violet

Flower photography

Animal photography

Landscaping photography

Event - group photography

Event photography

Historic material photography

Historic material photography

Photo Merging Technology

Photo merging technology

Photo Restration Technology

Photo restoration technology

Making a full custom design business card from taking photos

Graphic design with photography

Making a full custom design of a ticket and print

Designing and printing support

Computer and IT support task

Computer media support

Camera (DSLR, Mirrorless) sensor cleaning service (maintenance)

Support for your camera

Let's start making your precious images

We will use proper professional-grade equipment to have your photo and video session!

We will use cameras with over 30 pieces of equipment for various kinds of situations. Such as 3 flashlights, a total of about 500w remote-controlled flashlight system, reflectors, light boxes (umbrellas), 200W x2 continuous video light system. gray card to check white balance, Shoulder type camera stabilizer, flexible tripod, etc. And we are doing proper maintenance for our equipment.

We will discuss with you what you want to make your photos, images as deep as possible!

We will discuss details to plan for your photo session and/or making images (Graphic design, Photo restoration, Scanning images. Photo enhancement, retouching and printing).

We will consider the best way to make your images!

Do you think that photography is just pushing the shutter button? The answer is no!
Photography is not simple, so we will consider plans, scheduling and preparing equipment for you. We will consider which equipment is suitable for your photo, video and scanning session.

Historic material photography
Event - group photography
Video Production Equipment
Mamin Photography Gallery

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